Tim Saska “Sunset on the Guadalupe” Acrylic on Canvas – signed (MR3669)

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Tim Saska
Born in Dayton, Ohio, Saska graduated from San Jose State University in 1959 with a BFA, received an MFA from Columbia University in 1961 and gain gained an MA in Art History from Indiana in 1969. Saska had 25 exhibitions throughout the United States. His work has been featured in Artist magazine, American Artist, and Southwest Art magazine.
Saska is widely respected for his large-scale acrylic paintings that often portray the Texas Hill Country. His technique of building brush-strokes onto a warm under-painting imparts a luminosity of color that shimmers like outdoor light. This large acrylic on canvas “Sunset on the Guadalupe” represents his remarkable style.
“Sunset on the Guadalupe” Acrylic on Canvas
WIDTH: 6 ft. 5 in. (196 cm)
DEPTH: 4 ft. 4 in. (132 cm)

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