San Francisco 1906 Earthquake Photograph Unpublished

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Marking the Centennial Anniversary of the major San Francisco earthquake of 1906 we have been very fortunate to have these rare unpublished photographs of the devastation and the city of San Francisco during the time. We have 14 different photographs in total. Price is per photograph. Each marking a time of enormous tragedy and of very important historical significance.

On April 18, 1906 at 5:12 a.m. an earthquake the magnitude of 7.8 hit the city of San Francisco, the main shock epicenter was offshore about 2 miles from the city. It ruptured along the San Andreas Fault, northward and southward 296 miles. People could feel shaking from Los Angeles to Oregon, and as far as central Nevada. The earthquake and later fires would be marked as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the Unites States.

Between 225,000 and 300,000 people were left homeless out of a population of about 400,000. Half of the refugees fled across the bay to Oakland. Over 80% of the city was destroyed by the earthquake and fire. San Francisco would rebuild quickly, but the disaster diverted trade, industry and population growth south to Los Angeles, which during the 20th century would become the largest and most important urban area in the West.

The earthquake was the first natural disaster of its magnitude to be documented by photography and motion picture footage. Furthermore, it occurred at a time when the science of seismology was beginning. The overall cost of the damage from the earthquake was estimated at the time to be around $400 million.

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