Reiner Knizia Modern Art Game New In Box

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Manufacturer Mayfair Games
Designer Reiner Knizia

Reiner Knizia is at the forefront of German game design, recognized by discerning game players as the most innovative international game design force. Knizia began designing as a young boy in Bavaria when he found he wanted games in toy shop windows he could not afford. In response, he began to invent his own, which grew in scale and complexity as Knizia grew up and eventually earned a Ph.d in mathematics. Knizia is an extraordinarily prolific designer, producing around 10 games a year. 12 years after its debut in 1992, Modern Art remains one of his most popular games.

Description This is a deceptively simple auction game in which the players are art speculators buying and selling the works of five up-and-coming artists. On a player’s turn, she auctions off one of the paintings in her hand, pocketing the bid if an opponent buys it and paying the bank if she buys it. After the fifth painting of an artist is sold, the round ends and the players turn in their paintings. Paintings from the three highest selling artists that round get cash from the bank, with the top selling artist’s paintings getting the most. In subsequent rounds, the selling bonuses become cumulative, but only if an artist finishes in the top three that round. After four rounds, the player with the most money wins.
Modern Art is a game of valuation judgment. Players must determine how much each artist’s paintings will be worth, based upon the earlier bonuses, the paintings which have already been sold, the cards in their hand, and their opponent’s actions. Selling paintings is just as valuable a cash source as the bonuses; in fact, it is entirely possible to win the game without ever purchasing a painting. A further subtlety of the game is that each painting is sold using one of five kinds of auctions and different auction types can produce more or less money in different circumstances. Decisions must be made with each auction, so that player involvement is constant. It all adds up to an absorbing and challenging package that plays in just one hour.
Modern Art also represents the first time that players and critics noticed an unusual thing about many Knizia designs. With subsequent plays, more and more strategies are revealed. So many of his games appear simple on the surface, but have hidden depths. Being able to discover new nuances is one of the most enjoyable aspects to playing a Knizia game and certainly helped Modern Art’s reputation.
The crowning achievement came when Modern Art won the 1993 Deutscher Spiele Preis as Game of the Year. However, in what would soon become a recurring theme, the game lost out in the Spiel des Jahres that year to Call My Bluff, a much lighter design. Most people figured that Modern Art was too much of a gamer’s game for the family-oriented Spiel des Jahres.

This is the 1996 English language edition of the game.

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