Kati Roberts Single Edition Art Signed Orig.

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Kati Roberts is a self taught artist who uses the monotype process as her medium. As the word monotype suggests, each work of art is individually created and completed as an original. All ink paints and pastels are applied by hand. No pressed screens are used. Kati calls her work “mixed media monotypes” as she uses many different materials and application. Kati is always striving toward innovation. Recently she has been working with hand made papers, metals, and large scale canvas as well as some unique new colors. “As colors change, so does the depth and illusions of color.Color is more important than design or image, and you can`t have a world with out color. Kati`s works are displayed in corporate offices nationwide, and with strong gallery support and private collector enthusiasm, she continues to create a proflic body of work that is enjoyed by everyone. Signed single edition original print of a Kati Roberts mixed media piece. Consists of varied materials and designs including pastel blue and pink colors, bold acrylic characters, reflective gold paint, and even brown and white marbled fur.
Dimensions are 42″wide x 34″tall.
Print is in good condition.