16″x9″ Andrew Gellatly Hydrocal Brass Art Sculpture Egg

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Andrew Gellatly
1968 Petersburg, Virginia
Artist Andrew Gellatly has been creating cutting edge designs and sculptures in the Houston Area for many years. While originally focused on making singular works to be displayed, he slowly began to broaden his scope. Gellatly started leading his unique talent and vision to area business that were looking to make a statement. His individual signature can now be seen on some of Houston’s leading establishments. Andrew Gellatly’s sculptures have been displayed at Hook/Epstein and the Blaffer Gallery.
A sculpture “Egg” by Houston Artist And Craftsman Andrew Gellatly

Material: Hydrocal inlaid with brass
(Hydrocal is white gypsum cement)
16″ Length x 9.5″ Width x 5″ Height
Very good

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